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Go get a copywriter.

If you want your business to get a significant share of the market, the first thing you will do is to advertise. Let the people know about your product and why they need it. Convince them that no similar product is better than yours. A good advertisement catches the attention. If it’s a written ad, it should be nice to look at. If it’s a spoken ad, the jingle should be catchy. However, pretty pictures and catchy jingles are not enough to hook the audience, yes, they will catch their attention but they will not hold it unless you have compelling copy.

A copywriter writes persuasive texts to convince people to buy your product. A pretty face is, almost always, just not enough.

Even in dating, a good-looking face will get a date but if there’s nothing more to it, there will be no second date. It’s the personality that will make a person interesting. Sometimes, the plain-looking people are more appealing once they start talking smartly. A copywriter makes your advertisement smart. Make sure you have one in your team so your marketing effort will not go to waste.

You may think that SEO Specialists are the go-to people if you want your website to appear on the first page of Google. This may have been true before, but not anymore. Nowadays, SEO is relying on quality content. It’s not enough that you flood your website with the right amount of keywords; they have to be brilliantly written to keep the visitors entertained. Google now rewards websites that make their visitors stay. What can make the visitor stay and read, but the entertaining words of a copywriter?

Copywriter v. SEO Specialist

Graphic Designers can make your website look pretty and alluring to visitors. Yes, they will enter but is what they see enough to make them stay? Of course not! Let’s say you’re looking for a nice resort for your vacation, the pretty pictures will surely catch your eye but they’re not enough to convince you to make a reservation. How they present their package through words is what will convince you.

Most of the time, a picture needs a caption to be fully appreciated. The same is true even in social media. It’s the caption that engages the followers to participate in the conversation. If you go blog-hopping, you will chance upon successful blogs that are teaming with activity yet they’re not as sophisticated-looking as you’d expect. This is because they are smartly-written and can engage their readers.

Copywriter v. Graphic Designer

Nowadays, Social Media is the most effective method of getting yourself known. A good social media consultant can really get your brand and message out there. Do not waste their effort by providing them with poorly-written material. Give them compelling material to work with, and they will bring tonnes of visitors to your website.

Copywriter v. Social Media Consultant

Copywriter v. PPC Expert

Just like a social media consultant, pay-per-click experts can only do so much unless you have a good copy. No matter how much money you spend on PPC ads, you will not make the sale unless you have nicely-written landing pages. It is a better move to put your effort in creating expertly-crafted, highly-converting sales copy instead of wasting money on PPC ads.

Copywriter v. Blogger

Yes, bloggers are important. The fact that you’re here now is proof that blogs can bring visitors to your site, expose your brand, establish yourself as a thought leader and grow your email list. It’s true that bloggers employ the best blogging techniques but a copywriter has an edge over them. A copywriter is trained in persuading, branding and advertising. And, like bloggers, they also understand the best blogging practices and techniques.

Copywriter v. Sales People

A lot of companies use telesales as their main method of getting customers. These telesales reps on the phones read scripted sales pitches and sometimes this is where problems come in – the fact that the sales pitches are scripted. If you have a copywriter, he can tweak the sales pitch and give your probable customers a personal and direct response. I’m pretty sure a savvy copywriter has a higher conversion rate than a sales person reading a script.

I guess you’re pretty much convinced now of the importance of a copywriter. No matter what line of business you’re in, copywriting is a basic ingredient in your success. So, go get a copywriter now. If you already have one, make sure you take care of them.

Some basic pricing.

Landing Page copy (longer copy)

Pre-headline, main headline, sub-headline, bullet points, small body text, button

Small squeeze page (minimal copy)

Pre-headline, main headline, sub-headline, button

Autoresponder emails


Video Script copy (Average: 60 seconds)

Note: Can also quote on copy for a 3-step marketing funnel where step 2 and 3 are selling something (monetised).

$990 + GST

$3550 + GST

$300 each + GST (Bundle 7 x $150 each)


$750 + GST

You need more traffic,

more leads, more conversions?

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