How does your site stack up and perform?

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When did you launch your website?

On the average, how many visitors do you get? How much new businesses has your website brought you? Are you satisfied with your numbers? I guess you’re not, that’s why you’re reading this. Stop reading this for a moment and open another tab. Go to Google and look yourself up then get back here. So…Did you show up in the first page of the search results? If you didn't , that’s not ideal, right? What is the use of having a website when no one knows its existence? If your market can’t see you, then they will go to your competitor who has high visibility. Trust me, you want that visibility.

Or.... do you get tens of thousands of hits to your site and you want to increase that? If that is the case the the SEO basics eBooks below isn't for you. You need an SEO expert that is not only going to increase the sales further, you also want to increase conversion and increase sales.

We at Media Junkies can give you the visibility you need in order to make your presence felt. We are unlike other web experts because we will stop at nothing until your website reaches the first page of Google. You may have had previous experiences with SEO companies who failed to deliver their promises. We can correct their mistakes and reverse your poor web rankings. Talk to us so we can show you how effective our tactics are. There’s no greater proof to this than our own website’s #1 page position. If we can do it to ourselves, we can do it for others too. We will dedicate ourselves to work on your search engine optimisation.

Are you a beginner?

This is a great place to start.

Rank your business on the front page SEO Basics
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is difficult, but worth it. No other practice gives us such direct insight into what people want and are searching for. This means that search traffic consistently ranks right up there with email for the highest converting web traffic..

Our Deliverables

An SEO strategy that’s tailored

We can create a package suitable to your budget, schedule and desired returns. Tell us what you hope to achieve and we will do the rest. We will target as much keywords as possible because this is the way to make your site visible to customers.

Value for money

We will look into your niche, what your competitors are doing, your existing SEO, website structure and everything else that’s needed to give you the best SEO results. We will work around your budget to determine the best way to gain conversions.

More visibility equals more profit

When the SEO campaign we develop goes live, you can expect to see your website rank higher in the search results. You will then have more visitors to your website. Ultimately, these visitors will become customers. We have done this to a lot of businesses in the Gold Coast. We can do it for you, too.

Get popular with the locals

If you’re a small business, competing against the whole of Sydney or Australia, for that matter, would be a tall order. A local campaign can help you achieve great results quickly and turn the people in your area into customers. We can do this via a local SEO.

SEO Strategies that delivery Conversions and increase sales

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