Home based business grant

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There’s good news for people starting a business from home, or who currently run a home based business!

Residents living in Queensland, with children aged 12 years and under living in the home, may qualify for a grant of up to $5,000 in order to start a small business from home or to grow an existing small business which is based from home.

The Queensland Government has recently launched a Home Based Business Grants scheme specifically targeting those parents who currently work from home with a small home based business, or would like to set up a small business from home. It’s not limited to just new start-up businesses – existing small businesses which are home based are eligible to apply for the Grant too – making this an attractive grant for those already working from home and those who may be considering starting a business from home.

The Queensland Government has said the first step of the Home Based Business Grant will be providing up to $2,500 for the small business owner to hire a professional consultant who will assist in putting together a business action plan. This will need to be a small business financial expert as the focus will be on achieving financial goals and providing clear directives to profitability.

The second stage of the Small Business Home Based Grant will be to match any money spent on putting the business plan into place, dollar for dollar. This may include factors like web development, copywriting and SEO services, social media, digital technologies training, and stock production.

The Home Based Business Grants scheme offers great opportunities for those parents considering starting a business from home, or parents who are currently managing a home based business. The financial outlays, or lack of business direction and financial goals, can often be the issues which cause small businesses from home to falter and / or fail. With this scheme, the Queensland Government is offering to take care of those initial hurdles, at their expense, meaning the small business owner can truly focus on making a home based small business work for them and their family.

To take advantage, you’ll need to register your interest in the Home Based Business Grant scheme with the Queensland Government before August 2016. Once accepted, you’ll also need to nominate your chosen business plan provider. It would be a great idea to get a head start and find a provider now to help you with your business action plan, as qualified small business financial coaches will be taking only a select number of small businesses on board. The providers will be paid directly by the Queensland Government once the work on the small business action plan has been completed.

If you want to take advantage of this Grant – don’t delay or you risk missing out! Talk to us today to secure your Home Based Business / Small Business Grant.