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The government is just about to release a grant that covers: web design, digital marketing training, digital marketing and Facebook marketing.

Gold Coast digital training courses.

We offer a complete range of bootcamps from advanced digital strategies to basic WordPress and SEO implementation.

Who We Are

We are based on the Gold Coast. We offer quality digital marketing strategy training courses and workshops. Our courses and workshops are hands-on and we conduct them in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and other locations in the country.

WordPress is the most widely used website building tool today. Anybody can create a WordPress account because it’s free. With WordPress, you can build powerful, good-looking and cost-effective websites that can offer high profit margins. Take advantage of over 24,000 extra plug-in options and other useful components to create a website you can be truly proud of. When you need help, you can count on a massive global WordPress community for support.

When you sign up in our WordPress training course, you will:

  • Learn practical skills, hints and pro tricks to customise the contents of your website to be exactly how you want it.
  • Learn how to control your blog’s presentation and at the same time do away from expensive web designers and time-consuming maintenance.
  • Learn practical skills to create beautiful websites that you can sell to paying clients.
  • Get the knowledge needed to direct industry professionals on building your site so that you can achieve more with less capital.

WordPress training.

Facebook training course for business.

Facebook is too big to ignore. As of June 2014, there are 1.3 Billion monthly users of Facebook worldwide. Allow us teach you the ins and outs of Facebook marketing so you can take advantage of the edge it provides.

When you sign up in our Facebook Training Course, you will:

  • Have access to more than 40 videos that have exclusive tips and tricks from Facebook employees and social media thought leaders.
  • Learn the business applications of Facebook, both the website and the mobile application.
  • Learn the best practices in managing a Facebook business page.
  • Learn how to increase reach and visibility through the use of Instagram and Foursquare mobile apps.
  • Learn how to use Pinterest and Google+ for business.

Beginners are welcome to attend our training. Do not be intimidated by all the techno talk as we can speak simple English so you can understand us well.

Why train with us?

The trainers on the Gold Coast are not just talkers. We actually use the digital strategies we teach in our business so we know what really works. When you sign up, you will be connected to the top digital marketing strategy trainers in the country.

Our sessions are intimate. Generally, one trainer handles five to twelve trainees only. This ensures a quality learning experience.

If you see a training course or workshop you’re interested in, book right away so you can guarantee a slot. Let our expertise help you develop bespoke digital marketing or social media strategies to drive your business towards continued success.

If you have any questions about content strategy, social media training courses and workshops, please get in touch with us.

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