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How to Use Social Media for SEO

It’s safe to say that almost everybody is in social media. Whenever you meet someone new, you don’t ask him if he is on Facebook; it’s already a given. According to statistics, the average youth

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New Facebook News Feed: Animals and Pets

Spend most of your time watching videos of     cucumber-phobic cats, dancing cockatoos and scooter-riding  dogs?   Wish you could find more stories about heart-warming puppy rescues, kitties that

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Top Viral Videos: Animals

There’s no specific formula as to what might “break the Internet”. But when it comes to viral videos and users going “cray cray”, animals really have it in the bag. Here are some of the recent

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Facebook Link Shim Tool

When it comes to Internet traffic, there are a lot of “rules” going on behind the scenes. These rules allow users to access or display certain information about sites, and also protect users from coming

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Facebook Introduces Average Bidding

Advertising through the social networking medium of Facebook can be a great way to reach your target audience. You want to ensure, however, that your advertising is optimised for conversions, and that

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Guide In Building Social Proof

Man’s greatest influence is his fellow men. When he sees a product, his first question would be, “do others use this?” It’s human nature to do what others are doing because it’s a validation

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Why Big Agencies & Brands Should Hire Small Agencies

Larger agencies or brands want to be known for being leaders and innovative in their field of business, although often through the constrains of being a big business – lengthy approval processes,

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Creating an Evergreen FB Ad Campaign

Facebook marketers have a universal sentiment – no matter how effective their campaigns are, they have a short shelf life. Why is this so? Basically it boils down to showing the same advertisement to

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5 Smart Ways to Increase your Social Media Followers

If you want to build your business, the Internet can be a virtual goldmine in developing new markets. Every day more than three billion people go online. That is almost half of the world’s population.

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