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Why You Should Be Using the New Insta Poll

Why do we love the Instagram Stories feature? Lots of reasons! For one thing, over 200 million people are using it every day, which means lots of eyes on YOU. It’s also discoverable, which means that

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Millennial Marketing Guide

Millennials don’t fall for traditional marketing tactics. With almost 30% of the world’s population defined as “millennial,” that’s bad news for businesses that aren’t

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The Anatomy Of A Lead Generating Website

Among all the tools you can use in converting prospects into customers, the one that you need to focus on is your website. A good website has an impressive traffic count but it does not end there, the

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How to Use Social Media for SEO

It’s safe to say that almost everybody is in social media. Whenever you meet someone new, you don’t ask him if he is on Facebook; it’s already a given. According to statistics, the average youth

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SMS Marketing: Should You Use SMS in Your Marketing

SMS or Short Message Service has long been a player in the marketing business and is a perfect tool to any marketer. It is easy, quick and cost effective to implement and every marketer should be taking

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Why have we decided sliders are not a great idea?

“OK… we are comfortable in admitting when we need to change, because change is a good thing… right? The digital landscape changes so fast so we have to stay on top so we are happy to

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Psychology for sales – How can you Double Your Conversion Rate Through Psychology and Sales Triggers?

Improving your conversion rate basically means convincing a great number of people to buy your product, and convincing people to buy your product depends on how good you are at persuading them that they

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Power of Persuasion in your marketing

Full Episode is here > So, we all know that improving conversions rates is essentially the key driver to making your business grow, and we have discussed at length some cool tactics and systems to help

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Generating Leads Through Quizzes

Kudos to the person who thought of putting quizzes in Facebook or Twitter because it appears that quizzes can draw in large audiences. It didn’t take long for marketers to pick up on the cue and make

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