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B2B Marketing Trends 2017

As the first quarter of 2017 comes to an end, there are four trends already becoming favourites: Marketing Automation Content Marketing Personalisation Mobile Marketing (And we’ve thrown in a few extra

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Why Big Agencies & Brands Should Hire Small Agencies

Larger agencies or brands want to be known for being leaders and innovative in their field of business, although often through the constrains of being a big business – lengthy approval processes,

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We Are Hiring – Digital Marketing Person

Digital Marketing Person We think Media Junkies is probably the one of the most progressive and exciting boutique digital agency’s around. We’ve passed the two-year mark and have firmly established

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Productivity Multi-tasking

I am that type of girl who has 24 tabs open and no idea what time it is. When I look up from my screen, it’s lunch time. Next thing I remember it is time to go home. My mind runs 100 miles and hour

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Media Junkies: The One Stop Digital Marketing Shop

Last week, the Media Junkies headquarters at Varsity Lakes became a buzzing hive of activity as we coordinated a full-day video shoot for one of our favourite clients. Don’t get us wrong – there’s

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Optimise your conversion rates – You will be very surprised with how easy it is!

Optimise  your online marketing strategy to maximise your conversion rate When you set up a Google adwords account you can select a Google number so you can track the call conversion but did you know

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