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From designers to strategists, we share a passion for creating powerful and inventive digital campaigns that set your brand apart from the competition. Our endless curiosity and healthy obsession with conversions and automation makes us the only choice for delivering dynamic digital marketing results.

Getting the most out of digital marketing can feel like a never ending learning curve, and some agencies simply don’t invest the time it deserves or adapt fast enough to keep up with latest trends and tools. Often you can think you have something down, then it changes. Sound familiar?

Digital Marketing is constantly evolving, but so are we. Our team of designers, social media experts, copywriters, web developers, schedulers and PR specialists are fully committed to keeping ahead of the game, to bring you the latest “next big thing” so you can outsmart your competitors, and be pioneers in your industry.

We have seriously unrivaled expert knowledge in every area of digital marketing, and we would love to share that with you.

This it the team in action. Sonja, EJ, Laury, Fred.
I'm taking the photo (Joe), and everyone else is out surfing. 

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Joe has a mission. To bring perspective shattering digital experiences to the masses, to look deep and reflect of what is really important, and not just for the better of your business but creating an everlasting impact on a universal level too. Over 15 years experience as a graphic designer and front end web design. He now uses the combination of visual and technical to bring effective digital lead generation campaigns to life. Passion for marketing automation and INFUSIONSOFT EXPERT. (Certified Partner)



Sonja calls herself a storyteller, because that’s easier than telling people she is a writer, digital marketer, journalist, copywriter, social media consultant, workshop trainer, event speaker and opinionated blogger. To her peers she’s the go-to-gal, community engagement guru and new business wiz. As well as bringing in new clients, she ensures all projects run seamlessly from start to finish. Sonja is eager to share her experience, knowledge and creative skills with new clients.



With 14 years press and marketing experience under her belt – you could call Sarah a PR Ninja – you probably won’t, but you could! Sarah’s obsession for attention to detail and targeted research makes her a force to be reckoned with. She has the ability to perfectly match the right media outlets to a client’s talent and is always on the hunt for intricate and progressive ways of creating the next superstar brand.



Kim has 13 years experience working in the music industry - marketing music, events and artists, as well as performing her own music and DJ’ing around the world. If that wasn’t enough, she also has 6 years experience working in IT and audio-visual support for various universities, plus qualifications in Entertainment Business Management, Tourism and Online Marketing. Her true calling however is helping bands to achieve their dreams. She has an eclectic skill set to match her vibrant personality.



Our latest addition to the team, EJ is really good at getting things done. Graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Event Management, EJ is the go to person in developing, implementing, tracking and optimising your digital and offline marketing campaigns. She has experience across a range of marketing skills including, social media,graphic design and copy writing but has found her passion for CRM and Marketing Automation, and is in the process of getting trained up in becoming Media Junkie’s nextInfusionSoft Expert.



Laury is the Kobe Bryant in Digital Media. Ballin’ on Lead Generation, PPC and social advertising, our Digital Advertising Manager is ready to make your Facebook ads actually work for you. Apart from exploring the Facebook news feed, Laury is an expert and hascertifications for Buleprint for Mindshare – Digital Planner Training, Google Analytics,Google AdWords Display, Google AdWords Search, Google AdWords Search, Google AdWords Shopping, Google AdWords Video and Blueprint for Mindshare – Foundations. Oh,and did we mention he also has a Master’s Degree in Sports Management?


Urban Road

Suzie - Owner

I am so happy we found Media Junkies. We have optimized so many proccesses and increased our online sales by 20% in the first month

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You need more traffic, more leads, more conversions? We can make that happen. If you have played with social media marketing before you know the real magic happens when you switch on your social media advertising. From lead magnet campaigns to retargeting, from dynamic product ads to event promotions, we can get your content viral and your products in front of the right audience. How much do you actually know about Facebook Ads? Quiz me >>>

View some of our work

Surgical Weight Loss Centre

Web Design, Digital Marketing, Infusionsoft

The surgical weight loss team was looking for a new approach, and a way to fill their information nights. Their goal was to make sure if someone was struggling with obesity, that they could be found online and help could be offered for this disease. We presented digital marketing to them in a whole new light, showed them just how powerful it could be. We built them a new website with lead generation at the forefront. We devised a “Do you qualify for weight loss surgery” campaign in Infusionsoft and started achieving inquires for as low as $2.80 each with a social lead generation campaign. We achieved outstanding results for Google organic rank and tripled the traffic to their site in just 2 months. Our work has allowed them to grow their practice and automate the qualification process.

Classic Holidays

Lead Generation, Reputation Management

They are Australia’s number one timeshare company and we are proud to work with their team. Classic Holidays came to us because they know we are one of the number one Social Media lead generation agencies in Australia. They can trust that we deliver results. That’s why we have worked with them for years. We also offer a premium SEO and reputation management service to make sure that we dominate online with positive reviews and feedback on Google and across all the review sites. Positive reviews on page one of Google could be the difference between tens of thousands of lost sales per month. We also audited their social media set-up and strategy to bring them up-to-date with the latest functionality and make sure their channels are performing on optimum levels.

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