Top Viral Videos: Animals

There’s no specific formula as to what might “break the Internet”. But when it comes to viral videos and users going “cray cray”, animals really have it in the bag. Here are some of the recent top viral videos in the animal arena.


#5       Viral Videos – Pat The Kitten (208,049 views)

We aren’t quite sure why this is so popular (one video is up to 208K views!). At the same time we are somehow mesmerised through the whole minute of absolutely nothing (may have re-watched it a bunch of times). It’s just soooo widdle and cuuute! Yeah, this video pretty much sums up why cats win the Internet. The power of cats is astounding, in their ability to even do absolutely nothing spectacular, yet still go viral… keeping hundreds of thousands of people amused. Because, cat.

Nawww, stop it! A Russian wolf-breeder Sergey Pashkovskiy has taken the Internet by storm, (or wolf), with this viral video teaching his one-month old cub to howl. Or, plot twist, we think the Canadian wolf cub might be teaching the human to howl.


#3        Viral Videos – Dog Rides Scooter (14,313,697 Views)

The sneakers! He has tiny little dog shoes! Clearly this was destined to be a winner. You can’t even train your pooch to sit… but this French bulldog/Boston Terrier is killing it on a scooter… Not only that, he can ride a scooter better than some humans. It was a good month for French Bulldogs online. Refer to Puppy Loves Eating Watermelon from inside a watermelon. You can’t make this stuff up.


#2       Viral Videos – Dog Tiptoes Past Sleeping Cat (19 million views)

Cats are jerks and Redd the pit bull knows it. In the spirit of the ‘Cats Being Jerks’, ‘You Shall Not Pass, Dog’ and ‘Dogs Scared of Cats’ compilations, we present Redd, a 5 year old Rescue dog attempting (rather hilariously) to tiptoe past his sleeping catmate. The jerkiness of cats is relatable to everyone (even the staunch/obsessive cat lovers) which is probably why it wins #2 of animal-related viral videos.

And the winner is… Bikke the Chipmunk. We can’t even deal with this level of cuteness. This viral video is   actually a fairly old clip but has recently started re-doing the rounds. As Winter Is   Coming, I think we can all relate to Bikke. And now want a Bikke of our own. *adds ‘pet chipmunk to shopping list*