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Mick Fanning and wife announce separation

Mick Fanning Google Search

  • Most search queries of the day in Google
  • Interesting: more search queries for Karissa than for Mick (up to 100 searches per hour)


Meter Maids ready for food fight


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If you are from the Gold Coast then you are certainly familiar with the Meter Maids. But did you know that they are delivering also food to the beach?

Meter Maids and Australian Start-Up AirService have partnered up and launched a free app which allows beachgoers to order food online which will then be delivered by the sexy Meter Maids for a small delivery fee of $5.

It will initially be available on the main Surfers Paradise beach with the aim of rolling out to other beaches within the area over time.

The 90s were controversial years for the Surfers Paradise Meter Maids, so too will be 2016. Trying to keep up with changing times and social attitudes, the Meter Maids decided to branch out and do something different – deliver food to the beach,

said Roberta Aitchison, owner and manager of the Meter Maids. The app is live since Wednesday and can be downloaded for free on the itunes store.



Aldi social media campaign backfires after Twitter users were asked to fill in the blanks


German grocery chain Aldi is the latest brand to be given a lesson in what can go wrong with crowdsourcing social media campaigns.

Aldi Australia had asked  followers for feedback about why they love Aldi, by filling in the blank. In a now-deleted tweet, Aldi shared a photo with the statement “I became an ALDI lover when I tasted ______ for the first time”, along with the hashtags ‘tellus’ and ‘feedback’.

Unsurprisingly, this campaign had been hijacked on Twitter with users immediately  responding with words such as “horse”, “diarrhea” and “butts”.


Irish Photographer sells photo of a potato for $1.08 million

potato #345


Kevin Abosch normally takes pictures of Silicon Valley executives and and high-end portraits of celebrities, sold the photo to a German businessman over dinner . The business man decided to buy the photograph at Abosch’s home in Paris after a few glasses of wine. 😉

Abosch’s trademark portraits on black backgrounds have become collector’s items among the wealthy, with each commission regularly earning him upwards of $500,000.

Most discussed topic on Facebook in the last 3 days. Thousands of shares all around the world, >50k people talking about it in Australia today. 

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