98% Open Rate With SMS – SMS from an InfusionSoft Campaign

Use SMS in your life-cycle marketing for even better results.

We have created a very simple method of integrating SMS messages into Infusionsoft automation campaigns. Within each Infusionsoft campaign toolbox under process there is a function called Send HTTP Post. We can use this to call the Burst SMS API and send a text message. To integrate, drag the Send HTTP Post item into your campaign sequence and the click on it. You can find how this works here>As a Junky how to integrate this into your existing sales strategy.

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How accurate is the 98% open rate?

Infusionsoft-logo-2012The statistic of a 98% open rate gets thrown around alot in the SMS industry, but have you ever wondered how this came to be? SMS messages essentially have a guaranteed read rate, because you can’t delete a message without looking at it.

Most messages get delivered as a push notification, or are so short that you digest it in one glance – whether you want to or not. The real measure of SMS effectiveness is based on content engagement.

How do we measure this?

  •     Clicks on a URL in the message
  •     Replies to the message
  •     Opt-out %
  •     Redemptions of a unique offer in the message
  •     Calls to a unique number in the message

Looking at these elements, we can guage how well an SMS campaign is doing. This can be applied to a reminder process as well.

About the Author Joe Brown

Joe has a mission. To bring perspective shattering digital experiences to the masses, to look deep and reflect of what is really important, and not just for the better of your business but creating an everlasting impact on a universal level too. Over 15 years experience as a graphic designer and front end web design. He now uses the combination of visual and technical to bring effective digital lead generation campaigns to life. Passion for marketing automation and INFUSIONSOFT EXPERT. (Certified Partner)