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It's 2016! Time Leverage the power of automation, save time, be more efficient & grow sales. We deliver marketing strategies that will automate your business and increase sales.

Powerful sales and marketing software For the modern small business.

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Do you use Infusionsoft or seen the power and want to get started? We would love to help you get the most out of this unbelievable all in one software for your business. Media Junkies does everything from getting setup, to building out sophisticated campaigns, strategy and maximising your return.

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Media Junkies are addicted to generating huge returns on your digital marketing investment – check out our social media marketing case studies and see how we do it. Any business can use the power of social media advertising. We can show you how to target customers in any area and turn them into leads. Use sophisticated re-targeting tools to increase the conversion rates and lower the cost per lead. If you are looking for social media experts in Australia you have found them. We will make your social media out of this world.

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  • Thanks Media Junkies for saving me money, your support has brought me far more people with far less expenses than traditional marketing!
    Birgit Skorka-International Author & Facilitator
  • Thank you so much for all your help over the past year, you have been fantastic to work with & have the most enthusiastic & positive attitude, I would recommend you in a heart beat.
    Danielle Bennett-Director, KindiHub
  • We have been able to develop an effective and tailored social media strategy for our business that is effective and can be easily implemented by our team. I would highly recommend Media Junkies to anyone looking to use digital marketing to grow or improve their business.
    Helen Biddle -Director, Arts & Crafts Market
  • Media Junkies are awesome, nothing is too much trouble. Our facebook activity has quadrupled since they have been working on our social media marketing and I have already recommended their services to customers and friends alike. They are so enthusiastic in what they do and believe in themselves and ensure required outcomes are met. Their dedication and attention to detail is muchly appreciated, even though I send her many emails a day, they still keep on smiling!"
    Roz Peattie, Owner-Pickled Cactus Mexican Restaurant

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Turn contacts into customers with Contact Management

Import and organize the contacts that come to your business (both online and offline) with tagging and segmentation. Collect data about your leads' behaviors, score them based on marketing interactions, and prioritize the leads that are hottest and ready to buy. Track engagement and customize follow-up messages based on unique customer profiles.

Basically, organize contacts so you can get to know them better and speak directly to their needs. It's everything you need to know about your leads and customers in one place, so nothing falls through the cracks. CRM for small business has never been more powerful!

Social Media Marketing Australia | Blog


Creating The Next Celebrity Vet: Dr Alex Hynes Media Junkies created a kick-ass brand for Dr Alex Hynes, developing an awesome integrated social, PR and product line campaign, which resulted in us growing her reach from nothing to 200,000 per week and achieving 1.25 media opportunities every week. And we have only just begun. Background […]

website success

Make sure after your website goes live, you install the tracking code and log in to Google Analytics. Check the date that you are receiving. Keep an eye on the traffic. A significant drop in the traffic is a sign that something is wrong. Use the data you generate as a guide in tweaking and improving your website.


We have always been on the lookout for ways to streamline and automate our business because we don’t see any sense in a process that is tedious. A lean process saves time and energy and delivers the same result if not better. If you want to go about your business in a lean and mean […]

social proof

Man’s greatest influence is his fellow men. When he sees a product, his first question would be, “do others use this?” It’s human nature to do what others are doing because it’s a validation of one’s choice. If others are doing it, then it must be worth doing. Social Proof, simply put, is based on […]

Infsuionsoft and CRM | Blog


Facebook marketers have a universal sentiment – no matter how effective their campaigns are, they have a short shelf life. Why is this so? Basically it boils down to showing the same advertisement to the same audience until they’re no longer effective. The fans in a Facebook page may seem dynamic. There are new fans […]


Is your email campaign effective? You can find out if your email campaign is effective by doing an audit. An audit will give you a clear picture of the email campaign success, the quality of leads you generate and the effectiveness in hitting your target market. There are Infusionsoft campaigns that have proven to be […]


Use SMS in your life-cycle marketing for even better results. We have created a very simple method of integrating SMS messages into Infusionsoft automation campaigns. Within each Infusionsoft campaign toolbox under process there is a function called Send HTTP Post. We can use this to call the Burst SMS API and send a text message. […]


Maximizing Infusionsoft: The Not- So-Known Tricks You may be using Infusionsoft for quite a while now and still don’t notice the benefits it promised to give you. All your customer data are in place, you can now track their behavior and anticipate their needs yet your efforts are not bringing in sales. Chances are, you […]